Mario Kart Wii Fête 2 ruleset

Version: Mario Kart Wii for Nintendo Wii (PAL)
Cap: 72 entrants
Setups: 2 (1 setup = 12 Wiis)

Rounds: 2
Mods: CTGP-R (for LAN connection)

Legal controllers: 

Any Gamecube Controller (Box style GCCs are permitted)

Wiimote (Wii Wheel)

Wiimote + Nunchuck

Classic Controller

The event is strictly BYOC

Game rules:
Items: Recommended
All 32 Nintendo tracks are legal
All Karts and Bikes are legal
All Characters are legal
Ultracuts are banned
Pausing is not possible on LAN
Track selection is all handled in game


Preliminary Cups:
6 Grand Prixs of up to 12 players
4 to 8 races (depending on schedule)
1st and 2nd place advance into the Final Cup
3rd and 4th place advance into the Redemption Cup

Final Cup:
1 Grand Prix of 12 players

8 to 12 races (depending on schedule)
Payout to 1st (60%)
Payout to 2nd (30%)
Payout to 3rd (10%)

Redemption cup:
1 GP of 12 players
4 to 8 races (depending on schedule)
Glory on the line