Melee Rules

1.  Gameplay

  1. Fête’s official version of Melee is NTSC 1.02
  2. Fête’s official in game settings are as follows:
    1. Stocks: 4
    2. Timer: 8 minutes
    3. Handicap: Off
    4. Damage Ratio: 1.0
    5. Items: Off
    6. Pause: Off
    7. Friendly Fire: Off
  3. Fête’s official stage list is as follows:
    1. Starter Stages:
      • Yoshi’s Story
      • Battlefield
      • Dreamland
      • Pokémon Stadium
      • Fountain of Dreams (singles only) 
      • Final Destination (doubles only)
    2. Counter Pick Stages:
      • Final Destination (singles only)
    3. Mutual agreement
      • Players may select any of the above legal stages in any order if they both agree to it. Players must not play on any unpermitted stages or change the length of the game.
  4. All characters that are not ordinarily selectable on the Character Select Screen (such as Giga Bowser and Master Hand) are banned.
  5. All set ups will use UCF 0.84
  6. All set ups will use neutral spawns
  7. All set ups will use frozen Pokémon Stadium

2. Set Procedure

  1. Players select their characters. Upon request, a third party can be asked to facilitate a ‘double blind’ pick. One of the players secretly tells the third party which character they will select. The other player will then select their character. The third party will then reveal the first player’s character. 
  2. The players will then play Rock Paper Scissors to determine who gets port/stage advantage. 
  3. The winner of Rock Paper Scissors may choose either port priority or get to ban the first stage.
  4. The player with the first ban bans one stage. Their opponent then bans two stages. The player with the first ban then selects the first stage to play on.
  5. In a best of 3 set, after each game, the winning player may ban one stage.
    The losing player will then choose the stage for the next game from the remaining stages that they have not yet won on, unless agreed with their opponent.
  6. In a best of 5 set, there are no bans. The losing player may choose any stage that they have not yet won on, unless agreed with their opponent. 
  7. Players must play on any set up they are instructed to play on. This includes recording and live stream set ups. If there are any issues with a set up, this should be brought to a Tournament Organisers attention immediately. 
  8. If a player suspects any rules are being broken or any settings are incorrect they should stop the game immediately and check with a Tournament Organiser. Any game that is played to completion will not be replayed unless this rule is overruled by a Tournament Organiser
  9. If a player is 10 or more minutes late to their game or leaves their set up for 5 or more minutes they will be disqualified. This may be overruled at a Tournament Organisers discretion. 
  10. A player may be disqualified for any rude or inappropriate behaviour at a Tournament Organisers discretion. 
  11. All disqualifications are complete disqualifications from the event, not just from the set in question. 
  12. Stalling
    • Stalling is banned and will result in a disqualification from the current game.
    • Wobbling is banned in singles. we will be using the disable wobbling code in Slippi Nintendont version 1.11.1. This will make it impossible to wobble. A wobble is defined as 3 repeated Nana moves while the opponent is grabbed.
    • Wobbling is legal in doubles up to 300%. After this it is considered stalling, the above code will be disabled for doubles. 
    • Excessive use of Jigglypuff’s Rising Pound, Peach’s Wall Bomber, or other moves to a similar effect, are considered as stalling.
    • In the event of a timeout, either Player or Team may invoke the Ledge Grab Limit rule by asking to view the Cliffhangers statistic for all Players in the results screen. If either Player or at least one Player on a Team exceeded 60 Cliffhangers during the Game, that Player/Team forfeits the Game. If both Players, or at least one Player on each Team, exceeded 60 Cliffhangers, this rule is disregarded. If Players voluntarily exit the results screen before checking Cliffhangers, they may forfeit the right to invoke this rule at the sole discretion of the TO. To the TO’s discretion the slp file of the game can be checked.
  13. The Ice Climbers freeze glitch is banned and will result in a game loss
  14. If sudden death is initiated, in the event of a time out, the winner is the player who had the lower percentage when the timer hit 0.0 is the winner of that game. If the percentages are even or the final stocks were lost at the same time, the players will play a one stock game with a 2 minute timer on the same stage they just played on. 
  15. Permitted Controllers and modifications:
    1. No custom macros are permitted
    2. Digital inputs may not be bound to analogue input devices
    3. Digital inputs may be rebound to digital inputs
    4. Goomwave controllers running the latest official software are permitted
    5. PhobGCC controllers running the latest official software are permitted
    6. B0XX controllers running the latest official software are permitted
    7. Frame1 controllers running the latest official software are permitted
    8. Other box controllers are permitted, but may be inspected by a Tournament Organiser at their discretion 
    9. Any non OEM GameCube Controller (excluding “dummy mods” such as capacitors) or controllers covered by point 9 must be declared at
  16. Players must oblige if their opponent requests that they change colour or use an in-game tag to accommodate for colour blindness. A Tournament Organiser may also request this for the benefit of a commentator. 
  17. Players must oblige if their opponent requests that ports 1 and 4 are used for the benefit of neutral respawns.
  18. Players may warm up for up to 60 seconds according to the in game timer before a set. Any excess of his may result in disqualification at a Tournament Organiser’s discretion.
  19. If a player pauses a tournament game, intentionally or unintentionally, they must forfeit a stock.
  20. Tournament organisers may approve a full or partial game restart due to exceptional circumstances.

3. Miscellaneous Rules

  1. Smurfing
    • Players may not use alternate accounts and/or deliberately hide their identities to manipulate seeding.
  2. Coaching
    • Coaching, defined as deliberately giving or receiving advice to/from another person during a set or between sets during grand finals is not allowed and may result in penalties for both parties.
  3. Collusion
    • Players suspected of colluding may be immediately disqualified from the tournament. This includes intentionally throwing a game or set, splitting a payout, or committing any other form of bracket manipulation. The TO reserves the right to deny payout of event winnings to any Player suspected of colluding.
  4. If a Player’s controller is found to be the cause of disruption to a Tournament (during a Set, Game, or otherwise), such Player is subject to complete disqualification from the respective Tournament. This is up to the discretion of the TO.

If an obstruction not specified in this ruleset (such as a power cut) occurs a Tournament Organiser will determine the best course of action.